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Mig Inc Logo

Mig Inc

Migraine Inc (call me Mig Inc) is a solo project created in 2008 to explore noisy electronic musics. After having been (and still being) involved in some rock/punk/hardcore bands, I wanted to try computer-made and guitar-less music.

So Mig Inc's music is not confined in an unique kind of music, passing through industrial, downtempo techno, techno punk, noise, harsh-noise, HNW, glitch, breakcore,....

There's sometimes lyrics, or samples, but not always, and I usually approach themes such as free flows of ideas and creations, against any kind of dogma, bright/dark sides of human-mind, being a free thinker, daily life stories, and stuff...

Sometime I just make music to have fun, and if possible to make a musical middle finger to every kind of elitist visions of music.