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lundi 7 décembre 2009

#1 - l'Esprit de Noël (2007)

01 - Achetez !
02 - Le Véritable Esprit de Noël
03 - Le Vieil Homme Aux Couleurs De Soda
04 - La Grande Messe Mercantile

Click on the titles to download the tracks

CD-R available, free priced or trade, contact me to get it

This is the firt Migraine Inc's EP released for Christmas 2007. It is heavy, repetitive, and cheap electronics.

For Christmas, the same year, a group of young ecologists "Les jeunes verts" went to a supermarket dressed as Santa and shouted "Faites l'amour, pas les courses" (Make love, not shopping). They filmed this action and used the track "Achetez" for the video :

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